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Direct insight in your online reputation. Direct insignt and business case to become Fanployer and grow your recruitment results.

No brainer

Mini scan
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  • Scan of your social media presence on 6 platforms
  • Your status on review & rating sites Glassdoor & Indeed
  • The strength of the online profiles of 2 of your Leadership & Recruitment team
  • All the above benchmarked to 1 competitor
  • All based on max 1 country

Deep dive

Fanployer scan
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Everything of the mini scan
  • Benchmarked to 2 competitors
  • Talent personas
    • labor market insights of your 2 key roles
    • Push & pull factors
    • Online presence and behavior
  • Candidate experience
    • Audit on career site performance and experience
    • 2 mystery applications
  • Employer brand
    • Strength of your EVP and storytelling
    • Consistency of employer branding across platforms
    • Strengths of visual content
  • Debrief session of results and action plan
  • Access to our learning academy to make your team certified employer branding and reputation expert


Individual price
Fanployer scan plus
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Everything of the Fanployer scan
  • Additional platforms & countries based on request
  • Online inspiration workshop for your team
  • Perfect online Linkedin profile workshop

Need more information?

Every business is unique, and therefore requires a solution that is tailored to the challenges they’re facing. In case you’re not sure if Fanployer is the right tool for you, you can always try out our demo and find out more about the opportunities Fanployer has to offer.

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Donja van Laarhoven


For businesses that are facing recruitment challenges, it’s the number one starting point to fix these challenges. The scan doesn’t only provide you with the right insights to know where you’re at right now and how to improve tomorrow, but it also proves to be the best business case for change, as we guarantee a 100% conversion on budget approval from the management team.

Almost nothing, we have a few basic questions we’d like you to answer (below). After answering these questions, we will do the rest and provide you with the report in 3 weeks. For following up some of the quick wins & big wins, you’ll need resources. Of course, you can also work with one of our amazing partners (link) to support you.

Before we start, we’ll need a little input from your side:

  • which 2 competitors do you want to be benchmarked against?
  • What are the 2 key roles/most critical/common vacancy profiles you want to be profiled?
  • The titles + names of your leadership team members and recruitment/hr team members 
  • Your current time to hire (this can also be an estimate if you don’t have the actual number)
  • Your employee count

The scan doesn’t only provide you with the insights into where you are at, but also with the improvement plan on how to improve. It’s designed by HR changemakers, so with your role in mind, we’ve defined how to support you in the best possible way and enable you to become confident in this new expertise and make the most impact.

Please contact us directly in case you have any other questions.

In my first month as Manager Recruitment at the Schiphol Group the Fanployer scan was planned. What a fantastic timing and great way to start. After a month full of first impressions, it was a true gift to be presented with a complete status scan that gives insight into how your organization is positioned and perceived as an employer, benchmarked to the most important competitors in this labor market. In addition to very valuable insights, there is also a very concrete action plan that we were able to execute right away, which gave me the exact direction and confidence I needed as starting manager. The focus of the scan is on both recruitment and labor market communication. An absolute must!

Natasja Freijer Manager Recruitment & Hiring - Schiphol Group

The Fanployer solution has been an absolute game-changer for me and my HR & Recruitment team. The new insights we got from measuring our status quo acted as the business case for change and immediately made our CEO a sponsor. The improvement plan gave all the recommendations the recruitment team needs to transform their traditional ways of working and enter a new era of recruitment

Florien de Nijs CHRO - Exact

They improved their Fanployer score

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Direct insight in your customers online reputation. Direct insignt and business case to become Fanployer partner and grow your recruitment results.