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We partner up with experts and companies in recruitment, HR, and employer branding to provide a game-changing solution for today's recruitment challenges.


The Fanployer solution

The Fanployer solution is the one and only right choice for kickstarting your customers journey towards a flawless reputation and employer brand. The scan provides you with direct insights into their online presence and reputation. It comes with an innovative no-brainer plan of action with quick wins & big wins to effortlessly improve your customer’s stats and recruitment success.

Win-win-win as a Fanployer partner

Collaborating with Fanployer results in a win-win-win situation, where we deliver the insights, and you take care of the implementation, providing another win for our customers by proving that they can overcome the shortage in today’s labor market.

Need more convincing?


Grow your clientele

Fanployer clients can make use of your services and support.

Save time & effort

Our scan takes the task of status quo testing out of your hands.

20% Growth of your customers recruitment funnel

Make a direct impact on your client’s recruitment success.

100% Conversion

Our scan proves a 100% conversion rate in budget approval from management teams, including the investments in the services of our partners.

Monitoring progress

The status quo scan visualizes the metrics that matter, so you can easily track your client’s progress over time.


We educate our clients in the latest trends and knowledge in the field of employer branding, so they can use this innovation to continuously improve.

Together we do magic

Collaborating with Fanployer results in a win-win situation, where we deliver the insights, and you take care of the implementation, proving that companies can overcome the shortage in today's labor market.

Become a changemaker

And transform the mindset about the hunt for talent

Partners we're working with


Timetohire is the largest independent provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the Netherlands. They challenge the recruitment strategy of over 40 fast-growing companies on a daily basis and translate business strategy into recruitment strategy using their Recruitment Success Framework. They set up a recruitment process to hire at scale and it takes into account for short-term urgency of recruitment and long-term attraction of future talent.


AllChiefs is a young and bright consultancy agency with experience in the areas of people, (HR) strategy and data. Their experienced HR professionals will challenge you with new fresh insights and guarantee successfully integrated solutions and impact. They have been responsible for (large) HR functions and transformation projects and deliver expertise on employee journeys, recruitment, performance management & leadership.

Do you have the

Fanployer partner DNA?

You are

Specialized in recruitment, HR and/or employer branding and motivated to transform the mindset about the hunt for talent.

You are missing

The right tool to measure your customer’s status quo and monitor your the success of your actions

You got

A feeling for turning insightful reports into a hands-on strategy to help your client in their employer branding process

And also

You think HR doesn’t deserve the somewhat dusty repitation it has, and you’re keen to become a changemaker in the field.

Become a partner

After you’ve applied to become a partner, we plan a moment to get to know each other better. Here, we explore if your services seamlessly fit into our ways of working. If it’s a match, we can get to work, fast!

We knew right away, the Fanployer solution is going to be a gamechanger in recruitment. The solution exposes crucial focus areas when it comes to the visibility of the online employer brands of companies. The insights give a significant advantage over competitors and with the extensive knowledge of the solution, the next steps are instantly clear. 

From Quick wins to Big wins, within a short period of time, we have taken even our own employer brand to the next level and considerably increased our number of inbound hires. Now we partnered up to get the same results for our customers.

Edwin de Jonge Managing Partner Timetohire

People are what set your organization apart. In a world where talent is scarce, it’s easier for talent to switch jobs than ever before. Everyone is looking for organizations where they can make an impact. A place that provides meaningful work and where personal and professional development are prioritized. That is why we embrace Fanployer, it gives you the data and insights on how you are really perceived in the markets, which is the starting point to improve your presence and build a sustainable people strategy and execution plan.

Robert Charlier Founding Partner AllChiefs